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Children's Clinic
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Achieving excellence in service to the physician, their staff, and their patients is our primary goal

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Our Services

All services listed below are available
  1. Staff speaks English and Spanish
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of general pediatric diseases from birth to eighteen years old
  3. Same day appointments
  4. CLIA Certified laboratories
  5. Well-child checkups
  6. Childhood vaccines
  7. Ear lavage
  8. Ear Piercing
  9. Asthma testing
  10. Suturing & Removal
  11. Sports and camp physicals
  12. ADHD test
  13. Vision test
  14. Anemia testing
  15. Lead Testing
  16. Rapid strep test
  17. Flu Tests
  18. Urinary Alalysis
  19. HCG - Pregnancy Testing